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File Zipping Utilities

Packing Utility. Free to try (but has a nag screen),
costs 29.95 USD in the full version.

Free for home and enterprise users
Free Download jZip

Igor Pavlovs base-stone for zipping. Comes free and in a lot of tastes, including MacOs, Linux.

MacZip for Mac
You guessed it: a ZipUtility for Mac - freeware.

by Rarlab, commercial license, site sorts you by country and tries to get the most out of you. Some 40$ each.

When you get a ZIP utility, first make sure that it BOTH is able to unpack and to pack your content. Some Apps offer the UnPack functionality for free and the Pack func only in the pay-versions.

FTP Clients

Freeware ftp client from the guys that make Firefox and Thunderbird

One of the great-grandfathers of file transfer. Not cheap at 55$, but so easy that even arcebus can use it...

Another traditional programm, free and with a lot of features.

is an add-on for the Firefox browser. Free and, as they claim, intuitive...

Invisible Digital Watermarking

Instant Delivery For Digital Products

SMI - SignMyImage
allows for offline signing of images. If you distribute via web, you can track your images with the build-in spider. Some functionality of SMI is in vericuff.

Delivery Script
gave some of it functionality to vericuff and allows for your own hosting. If you do not need digital watermarking/image protection, this is for you. Needs minimal implementation only.